Company History

Reputation is built on performance, not promises. While many search companies overstate, overcommit, and underperform, Logix has built its formidable reputation on consistently achieving maximum results.

Founded in 1984, our basic philosophies and programs have evolved and changed only slightly. Logix was created to address the needs of advances in Biotech, IT and Management Consulting. And our philosophy, programs, and specializations are designed to identify opportunities and the best individuals suited for these roles.

Logix’s meteoric rise was due to its people, culture and its consistent performance. Logix’s success was first evidenced in 1993 with its first award as its #1 Largest Executive Search Firm in the Boston Business Journal. It has subsequently been named top ten every year since.

Logix is unique in its specialization and product mix. Traditionally, Executive Search firms and Employment Agencies provide only one service to a variety of industries lacking specialization needed for maximum results. Logix provides a hybrid mix of programs/services i.e., Consulting Bids and Proposal, Retained Search, Modified Search, Contingent Placement and Contract Consulting – to only the Biotech, IT and Management Consult communities. Logix consultants are experienced in these market segments providing knowledge, expertise and ultimately a quicker, more reliable result.

It is commonly understood that history is the best predictor of future performance. A past of consistent achievement provides the greatest assurance of future success. Logix has built its business client by client, search by search, one success at a time.

Innovation. Experience. Solutions.
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