With the relentless demand for top talent in this industry, your company doesn’t have the luxury of not getting the right person the first time.

The Life Sciences and Biotechnology markets are continuing to experience tremendous growth, while becoming increasingly complex. Our high degree of specialization in all aspects of clinical and regulatory affairs, tremendous shared expertise among staff, and the unique way we do our work, allows us to seamlessly understand your individual needs and identify only the best candidates for your organization. The dedicated members of our team have an average of 17 years of experience in the field, making our depth of knowledge, understanding of market trends, and quality of relationships simply unparalleled.

Here at Logix, we keenly understand this is a people business. In order to find the right fit, it’s not just the skills and experience that need to match, but the cultural fit as well. As one of the largest dedicated search firms in the area—and with the majority of our own staff being with us for decades—we understand first hand what motivates and fulfills people.

After decades of work in the field, our clients continue to be the names everyone knows in the Biotechnology space, from small entrepreneurial life science companies to large global pharmaceutical corporations. We focus our expertise primarily in Massachusetts and New England and pride ourselves on being the “go-to” firm in the industry.

If we haven’t yet had the chance to work together, we look forward to showing you why we should.

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