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Logix has built its formidable reputation on consistently achieving maximum results for our clients and our candidates.

Hiring Project Management

Each assignment is directed by an Account Manager with experience and up-to-date knowledge of your industry, products and services. This high degree of specialization creates the ability to understand critical issues and respond rapidly when key staffing needs arise.

The Account Manager has overall responsibility for the effectiveness and success of satisfying requirements associated with unique needs of your organization. This effort is supported by additional consulting staff and a very thorough market research capability.

Human Resource Services

Logix offers expertise in all areas of Human Resources and Strategic Manpower Planning. Our professional consulting staff can support and/or augment in-house efforts in every phase of Administration, Planning, Training, Development, Recruitment and Out-Placement.

It is advised that a Human Resource Audit be provided as a tool in creating budgets prior to implementing plans for staffing. Needs will then be identified and prioritized to develop a complete staffing strategy. This enables hiring authorities to coordinate resources, maximize results and manage recruiting activities within budget.

Fee: Based on specific projects and services required.

Consulting Bids and Proposals

Logix provides a “soup-to-nuts” approach to solving multiple need or on-going staffing problems. It begins with an initial Human Resource Audit to determine needs that may fall into one of two categories:

  1. Varied requirements for “multiple staffing” projects;
  2. Similar requirements on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.

A written evaluation is done in an effort to recommend the most appropriate, cost-effective means of staffing. Next, a choice of individual service or flat fee proposals will be provided as prospective solutions. Both options should be carefully considered to maximize budgets.

The concept of a flat rate for recruiting and staffing large projects enables you to predetermine hiring costs without erratic swings associated with more traditional staffing methods. Departmental costs can be anticipated regardless of periods of peak demand. Our service is “all inclusive” and provides the ability to eliminate and consolidate costs. An experienced Account Manager is assigned to coordinate staffing.

Fee: Based on flat rate or hourly basis and varies dependent upon complexity of the assignment and designated Account Manager.

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