Information Technology

Nowhere is the business world changing faster than in the IT and Software Engineering industries. Companies must be able to read the landscape and adapt rapidly to survive.

So when it comes time to team up with a dedicated search firm to find the stellar new person for a critical role in the organization, partnering with the Logix Technology Group is the clear choice.

We have been living and breathing Software and IT for decades, and our team of experts truly understand the challenges and opportunities you face in this hiring market. Our depth of experience and knowledge in the field, our understanding of market trends, and the strength of the connections we’ve forged are simply unparalleled.

After decades of work in the field, our clients continue to be the pioneers everyone knows in technology, from startups to established innovators in industries such as Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, Applications Development, and Systems Development. We focus our expertise primarily in Massachusetts and New England and pride ourselves on being the “go-to” firm in the industry.

If we haven’t yet had the chance to work together, we look forward to showing you why we should.

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